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How to Report a Death and Fill & Send i-final.com Form

Postby Peace » Thu May 01, 2014 11:57 pm

Fill the form in the contact page click submit you're done!

or call or text i-Final

all the Details

(Copy and paste all this information below) just replace the information below with your own!

For Example:

Name of the Deceased Person (any other name/s as known as etc...as well)

Aged: e.g 99 years old (gentleman)

Pass away date: e.g ( Friday 1st of January 2010 Time 12:00 pm)

Spouse (s) Name (Name, Mrs Surname)

Name of the Road and area where he or she live?

Date and Time of the Funeral & Place

For example

Service & Funeral Prayer will be in (Synagogue, Church, Mosque, Temple etc...)

Time 1:00 pm

and then will be bury at St maylebone Cemetery or Crematorium

East End Road Finchley London N2 0RZ England United Kingdom

That's it your done

Same goes for
Missing Person, In Memoriam, Obituaries and More …….

I Hope this help?


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