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are classified in the chronological order of the most recent

Latest Marriages Notices

Recent Marriages name and age of people in the united kingdom and around the world


The Marriages table below is an Example click on the above link (MARRIAGES)


Marriage PRINCE of Wales WILLIAM Country (England) .1

Miss Catherine Elizabeth Middleton

William Prince of Wales

Michael and Carole Middleton

Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, and Charles, Prince of Wales


Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Queen Elizabeth II and

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh


Took place on

Friday 29th of April 2014 11.00 am

Westminster Abbey, London


For all Enquiries Contact Buckingham Palace

The Wedding

(Groom) Grandsons of

Step Son of

(Groom) Son of

(Bride) Daughter of

Name of the Groom

Name of the Bride

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